Making Lemonade…

We got back to Key Largo on November 21, and started waiting for a window to cross the Gulf Stream. But first we had to get a pet permit from the Bahamian government that would allow us to bring the cats to the Bahamas, evenif they were going to stay on the boat. In the meantime, Anya flew home to Germany for a week to visit with family.

Fast forward three weeks and a few weather windows, and still no pet permit :-(.

So we decided to make lemonade out of our lemons, and fly home to Germany for Christmas. Our wonderful friend Kim agreed to take care of the furry ones while we were gone, and Christmas Eve we flew across the Atlantic towards the Elis family. Needless to say, as soon as we arrived in Munich, we had the pet permit in our email inbox…

We spent a wonderful week with the whole German family!

December 31 we were on the plane back to Miami again. We planned a few days for Rob to finish fixing our “new to us” dinghy outboard and to provision, and here we are again in Key Largo waiting for a weather window. It’s not looking to good for the next week, and we are anxious to go, but we are just enjoying our time with our friends here in the Keys!

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